The Right Honourable DAVID LLOYD GEORGE, M.P.

Given the Freedom of the City of Edinburgh: 24th May, 1918.

In recognition of his distinguished career as a statesman and his eminent public services as President of the Board of Trade, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Minister of Munitions and Secretary of State for War, and latterly as Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, a position always high, but deserving of peculiar honour and gratitude in these times when the Nation is passing through the supreme strain of a war of unprecedented magnitude, and involving issues of incalculable importance to mankind.


"Edinburgh is one of the famous cities of the world. I suppose, if you showed a photograph of Edinburgh to any intelligent child in any land without explaining what it was, he would tell you at once that it was Edinburgh.

This is, I believe, the home of the Royal Scots, our oldest regiment of the line and unless I am mistaken, cradled in France. The association between France and Scotland has always been of the closest. There are ties of sympathy which make the heart of Scotland beat when France is in peril, and it is not the first time that Scotsmen have fought and bled for the honour and security and freedom of France. The fights of the 9th Division, the 15th Division, and the 51st Division are immortal in the history of Scotland, immortal in the history of Britain and of the world. It is difficult to realise how much we owe to the tenacious valour of these great regiments. They are like the granite of the Scottish rocks. The might of the Prussian deluge breaks upon them. I never think of them without thanking providence that Scotland was thrown up on this side of the German Ocean and not the other.

Scotland has had a long training for this hour of destiny. It has had great teachers for this hour - Wallace and Bruce, and Knox and Burns, and the martyrs of liberty. Worthily have her lads behaved in the crisis. They have been worthy of their traditions, of the traditions of their race, and of their illustrious teachers."


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