The Right Honourable HERBERT HENRY ASQUITH, K.C., M.P.

Given the Freedom of the City of Edinburgh: 20th December, 1910.

In recognition of his distinguished career as a Statesman, his eminent public services, and his high position as Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury.


"Here in Edinburgh in the last few years the most striking developments have been in other parts of the Educational field. refer particularly to your training colleges for teachers, the College of Art, the Agricultural College and the School of Domestic Economy and last, but by no means least, to the more than encouraging measure of success which is attending your continuation classes for pupils who have left school, and for adults. Here, both in legislation and administration, we in Scotland may claim to be far ahead of our fellow subjects on the other side of the Border.

I said some weeks ago in Glasgow that one of the most tragic sights in our town life is that of the boy sitting on the tail end of a van reading some trashy story, forgetting every day more and more what he was taught in school, receiving no training of any kind for any permanent calling, rapidly graduating as soon as his present precarious and short-lived occupation comes to an end for a place in the school of the unemployable. For years this has been the darkest blot and the most fatal gap in our educational system. Edinburgh can perform no greater service to the nation than by grappling with this evil, thereby showing to other great communities of the country the way towards drastic and curative treatment of one of the most fertile causes of unemployment."


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